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Martin Mystic Specs and tuning questions

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Ok so I just got my new to me Mystic with the FUrious X system. I dont have a clue what year it is nor did the seller(second hand to him?). Is there a way to tell? I tried to download the maual from Martin but its no longer available. Now for my list of questions:

1: How do I adjust the draw length? I see various holes(7) which do I move the screw to?

2: Whats the specs? Martins website shows multiple specs depending on year. Right now Im at 39 3/4" ATA and 7 9/16 from string to deepest part of grip.

3: Its supposed to max at #55 but maxs at #52. If my ATA is off this would effect my draw weight right?

4: How do I adjust the four different draw stops to get them to hit the string at the same time. My top left(when holding bow like shooting) is hitting a tad before the top right.

Sorry for the long post Im just really anxious to get this sweet bow shooting.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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