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Just switched over to the Martin Nemesis last week and thought I'd share my opinion on it.

First look and feel I was impressed. It has it's "own" unique look which I like. The fit and finish are as good as any on the market today.
The grip is flat and wide enough to where it doesn't roll in your hand at all, but extremely comfortable.

When I drew it for the first time I was impressed with how smooth it was through the entire draw cycle! Solid as a rock at full draw, held it there for quite sometime then let it down with no jump at all. Something that is very important to me during hunting, sometimes you just have to let down and not spook game away.

Easily the deadest bow in hand I've shot. Zero vibration and I almost had to double check that I had shot! This was by far the most impressive to me about the bow. Something about a bow that jumps in your hand or has some vibrations that you don't understand just make me feel less confident in my shot.

I have been looking at just about every bow out there and ended up with this one. Happy with my decision and can't wait to hunt with it! Hope this helps anyone thinking about a Martin!
Any of you on the West side of WA are more than gladly welcome to shoot it and see for yourself! Thanks!
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