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Martin Slayer X shooters?

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I'm going to pick up a Slayer X. I want to be right around and no less than 60 lbs on the draw weight. I have a 27-1/2" draw length and I know from the past that some 60lb max bows won't reach 60 lbs at my short draw. Will the Slayer X with 45-50 limbs make 60 lbs at my draw? Should I go with a 45-60lb or 55-70lb? Thanks!
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+ or - a couple of pounds on the limbs isn't unusual. A few twists in the cables can add a lb. or 2. :wink: Be real nice and someone at Martin might even double check to make sure you are getting all of 60+ lbs. or maybe 62.

Rest assured the Slayer will give you plenty of speed.

Like JC said you can get 50 - 65 lb. limbs.
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