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Martin Threshold, are they worth buying?

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Hello to all, every one has been so honest and helpful so far... My son wants to buy a bow with his own money. He's cursed like his dad with the build of a pro wrestler and a 31" draw length. Is the Martin Threshold a good bow. The prices are low and that scares me as far as quality. If anybody has feedback, please let me know. Thank you. -themountaindan:hairy:
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It will get the job done just fine. Martin puts the same technology into all their bows and often beats the competition in price. You won't be disappointed.
Martin makes good bows. They have had problems with quality on a few items lately, but I haven't heard of any situation where they didn't stand behind their products. If the bow is suitable for what your son wants to do with it and it fits him, I wouldn't rule out this bow.

If money is an issue (when is it ever not an issue) I'm of the opinion that you are better off buying a less expensive bow and putting better accessories on it.

I have that bow. I love the bow but have replaced the rest and sight with better quality. I shot 2 inch groups at 20 yards.
i have sold several of them no problems and they shoot fine, they are a no frills bow, but it works and works well, like fantomen said, you might want to replace the rest and site faily soon, but whats on them will work... cant beat it for the price
Thank you all very much. I appreciate and value your opinion and experience. -themountaindan:hairy:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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