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Santa brought me a new book called "Mastery" by George Leonard. Almost everyone here could use to read this book.

As a group we all are looking for a way to quickly improve our scores. We buy new equipment, we read books, listen to tapes, we go see a coach, we try to find a way to quickly shoot a 300 60X round.

This is the wrong attitude. We have lost our way. The way is not to win but to enjoy the journey. Rather than HAVING to win, we need to take joy in the act of flinging arrows. I've gotten sucked into buying expensive compound bows, releases, arrows, quivers, sights, etc. To be honest I'm having more fun just flinging arrows out of an old recurve without sights or stabilizers. (I think my dad got the recurve at a yard sale for $5 when I as a kid.)

We all need to get off the path of trying to buy a 300 60X game and get back on the path of Mastery. The road is long but more enjoyable than the frustration of trying to jump right to the end.

If you get a change check out the book "Mastery" by George Leonard. Very worthhile read.
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Doing it for nearly a year now......just flinging and collecting what I fling. I haven't shot a five spot for score since last
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