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i have a brand new Mathers monster 7 black out.
this has has 25 shots on it no more. didnt like the grip so im sticking my my C4 for target and apex7 for 3d.

MAthew monster 7
-28", i have 27,27.5 modules as well. i can get any module you need as well.
-50-60# limbs
-Brand New torqueless grip installed on this bow (woth 65$)
-Orange rubber in the anti vibration holes i also have the black ones too.
-sims limbsavers
- comes with original grip as well

i have arrows, sights, rests could make a deal. pm for info

no lowballs some trades accepted for pse moneymaker, axe or axe target+ cash.

asking 800 TYD $$ paypal or cheque is king !

PM me for info or more pics

for pics:
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