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Up for sale is a Mathews Chill SDX that is currently set at 27.0" draw length and 50 - 60 lbs (maxes out at 60.3 pounds). Payments must be made via PayPal.

Bow Specifications:

Product Details:
Brace Height - 6 "
Axle to Axle Length - 30.5 "
Draw Length - 27.0"
Draw Weight - 50 lbs - 60 lbs
IBO Speed - 330 fps
Weight - 3.84 lbs
Let-Off - 85%

The Chill SDX has the capability to be set with different rock mods from 22.0" - 29.0" and from 30 - 70 lbs with different limb sets. - Current setting with a 27.0" draw and 60 pounds with a 300 grain arrows produces 311 FPS on the chronograph. For the primary use as a short draw bow you can not ask for more especially given how quiet, vibration free, and a super smooth pull.

Package Includes:

2015 Mathews Chill SDX
Set Draw Length - 27.0"
Set Draw Weight - 60 pounds
Extreme Archery Lost Camo Tool Less Fiber Optic Sight
Helix Lost Camo Quiver
Schaffer Lost Camo Draw Away Sight (Brand New)
K-Tech Lost Camo Custom Stabilizer (Brand New)
G5 Meta Peep

This is a fantastic bow that shoots extremely well, vibration free, quiet, and is very easy to carry. Mathews offered this primarily as a short draw bow, but with the capability of a 29" draw length I don't see it is a true short draw bow. The Chill SDX would make a great treestand, blind, or spot & stalk hunting bow due to the lightweight easy to carry platform.

Not looking for any trades at this point. PM if you would like more information.



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