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I am Selling my Mathews Drenalin Hunting Rig.
It is completely Setup and ready to Hunt with many extras including arrows to fit.
It is 60 to 70lb 28" RH Bow. Bow Is in good condition and hasn't really seen that many arrows through it. I am the original owner of the Bow. I bought it specifically for hunting and I don't hunt anymore.
It is outfitted with a New custom String, Peep and Kisser.
Dead End String Stop
Mathews Focus Grip. "Included is also the original walnut grip that came with it."
Trophy Ridge 5 Pin Sight
Trophy Ridge 12" Stabilizer.
Whisker Biscuit Rest
Vortex Quick Release Arrow Quiver
9 New Beman Terminator Lite Hunter Arrows cut specifically for the Bow.
Price is 425.00 TYD.
Any Questions feel to Email at [email protected]
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