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Mathews LX question

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I am working on a Mathews LX, and I am a binary cam guy trying to help a buddy out. He told me it was not shooting consistant, so I figured it was out of spec. So here are my few questions:

What are the spec for this bow, ATA, BH, Ect.

How in the world do you tune/time something with only one frickin cam?????

I shot it last night for awhile, it shot good groups for me, but hand way more has shock and noise than any other bow I have shot. Now I know its not gonna shoot like my E-Force but this thing can't be right.

so Mathews gurus unite and help a brother out. What is the normal regiment of getting these half bows to shoot right?????:wink:
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35 5/8 ATA
6 5/8 BH.

both appoximate according to Mathews, but the one I have is dead on to these numbers

If there is a lot of shock with the bow something IS a miss. I have one of these as a backup and its crazy quiet and basically no shock.

To time that cam, there are holes through the cam on the top and the bottom of the cam.

If you put an arrow a straight edge lined up with the top hole and the bottom hole, it should parallel the string.

However, once ATA is on the cam timing should be very close.
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