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This was my nephew's bow and he went into the marines and when he got out of boot camp and school they gave him 4 days notice that he was going to Hawaii. He married his girlfriend and took off. He needed cash so I bought it from him. Now I need to get my cash back.

Its a 2005 Mathews Outback. Right handed. 60-70# 27"= 80% letoff String loop, wrist sling, stabilizer, trophy ridge 3 pin sights and whisker biscuit. This also has a Mean V custom string suppressor on it as well. I can throw in a quiver if you need one. $385 obo My email is [email protected] If you need to see if I deal fair look ay my ebay account my ID is snugswife40

Pics can be seen here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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