Mathews sent over its brand new Phase 4 29 hunting bow, so I put together this first impressions review and speed test.

This bow has an axle-to-axle length of 29 inches, a brace height of 6 inches and an IBO rated speed of 340 feet per second. There is also a 33-inch version with a 6.5-inch brace height and a rated speed of 336 feet per second.

At first glance, these bows look nearly identical to the V3X we tested last year, but there are some key differences. At the top of the list is the new Resistance Phase Damping technology.

On paper that doesn't mean much, but if you take a closer look you'll notice there is now damping material between the limbs. In essence, there are now 8 limbs on each bow. Two limbs are fused together with the damping material, which results in a shockingly quiet shot.

Also new is a Bridge-Lock stabilizer system. Much like the Bridge-Lock sight we tested last year, the Bridge-Lock stabilizer allows you to insert the stabilizer into the riser and adjust the length in half-inch increments. I have an eight-inch Bridge-Lock stabilizer in for texting, but there are also 10- and 12-inch versions.

As for how it shoots, I’d say very similar to the V3X. The Phase 4 felt maybe a little easier to draw, but that might just be me getting used to a new bow. The difference is after the shot. While the V3X was plenty quiet and vibration free, the new Phase 4 is just different. I think the rest dropping onto the riser was the loudest part of the shot. It’s nutty quiet.

Post-shot vibration on the Phase 4 was hard to detect. Mathews says it delivers 37% less vibration. I’m not sure I can verify that, but this is a bow worth shooting to find out for yourself.

As for speed, I set this bow up with 70 pounds of draw weight and a draw length of 29 7/8” (29 1/2” mods) and shot a 350-grain arrow three times. I registered speeds of 327, 328, and 327 feet per second.

Overall, I’m pretty blown away with my first impressions. I still need to tune the bow properly, as I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with it before putting the video together. I’ll follow up in the coming months with a long-term review. I may test out the 30” draw length mods to see what I can get the speed up to.