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Mathews Switchback...Any Other Choices?

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Hey all,

One of my buddies just got a new Switchback. He brought it down to let me and another friend check it out. It is a really nice bow. I couldn't shoot it because his poundage is too high for me, but my other buddy did shoot it a few times. Both of them talked about how smooth the bow was and how it felt very comfortable at full draw. They also raved about the performance. I don't think I heard a single negative thing about it the whole time he was there. He has hunted with MANY bows over the years and he said this bow is the best bow he has ever shot.

As you can imagine that new Mathews has a couple of us thinking about new bows. The problem is that not all of us can afford $800 or more for a new set up. That is why I am here asking questions, I would like to learn more about other bows that are available that would be similar to the Switchback in performance.

What other bows do you know of that are on the same performace level as the Switchback? What bows would you recommend to one of YOUR friends to check out?

Thanks for the help and your time.

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If I were recommending to my friends that did not want to spend $800, here is my list.

Jennings Strike or Reliant
and the best bow I have found in the $400 class...The Martin Bengal.

Having discovered and shot these bows I can see no honest reason to recommend anything more to anyone. They are fantastic little bows at an even better price.

And, yes, I own a Mathews. My Ovation is one of the best target bows I have owned.
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