I've had a chance to set up and test out the brand new Mathews V3X 29 and figured I'd share my first impressions of the bow with you.

There is some interesting new technology included in this bow, highlighted by the Bridge-Lock sight technology. This design allows you to install a dovetail-style sight directly into the bridged riser. It is impressively simple to use and helps bring the weight of the sight to the center of the bow where you want it.

And since your sight is no longer sticking out on the right of your riser, Mathews was able to design a new line of Lowpro quivers that mount extremely close to the riser. I've never seen a more compact bow with a quiver installed before.

Finally, Mathews has made tuning the new V3X 29 (as well as the new V3X 33) possible in the field without a bow press thanks to the new Stay Afield System (S.A.S.). This is easier to explain in the video, so I put a demo together there. But the bottom line is you can change your peep or even swap out a string or cable. I actually used this system to install my peep and get the bow set up and ready to shoot in my living room. Pretty impressive.

As for as how the bow shoots, the V3X 29 is very similar to the V3 31 I shot last year. Speeds are similar (chronograph results are in the video) and it has the same quiet shot as I have gotten accustomed to with Mathews over the last few years.