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mathews or hoyt you choose

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Can I ask what exactly is the assignment? I am a little confused to as what you are being asked to write about. I see from your avatar (Mathews) that you have a potentially biased opinion. Maybe the survey is a good idea but how are you going to use the results from this survey? Are you going to state in your paper, "based on a survey created on members show a 60% preference towards [brand] bows over [brand]"? If your assignment is to actually compare the two bow manufactures you may want to consider the history of each company. Maybe talk about what each company produces. Hoyt produces compound and recurve bows while Mathews only produces compound bows. You have to look at the differences in the brands and not just say for example "Mathew's produces a faster bow than Hoyt so they are better". I could go on with my questioning here but if you could post the actual assignment maybe people could be more helpful. As of right now it seems as if all you are only asking for a response to a survey which is asking which we bow we shoot. When you say that "anyone who post may be quoted in your paper" what kind of post are you expecting?
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