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mathews or hoyt you choose

mathews vs hoyt research paper

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I am doing a research paper in my english class and i decided to do mathews vs hoyt. if you dont shoot either of them pick the one you would if you had to choose. since this is for research the more votes the better. anyone who posts may be quoted in my paper.

one last thing... ABSOLUTLY NO FLAMING. if you want to flame find a different thread
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I am a Hoyt loyalist,but I have nothing against Mathews shooters or Mathews bows, or any other bow manufacturer.Way back 17yrs ago I shot Pro Line bows,and had nothing bad to say then about Hoyts.Its all about how the shooter conducts him or herself as a fellow archer to me.Shoot what you want I dont care,great shooters will shoot the same with what they shoot at the time.Just get along and be friendly towards the opposition.We all doing what we love,and should be glad for that.
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