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This is my first time tuning my cams and I have the bow shooting good through paper. I was reading about cam lean and noticed mine seems to have a good amount. This is my VXR at full draw shown. With Matthews are there other ways to adjust cam lean or do you only use the top hats? It is shooting great I just want to make sure the cam lean is not excessive or would cause any issues/if this is normal. I didn’t know if cable twists were used as well on a Matthews or just the top hats. It’s a VXR 31.5 and I just got new gas ghost strings on it so am going through it all. Thank you! View attachment 7623156
Shooting GOOD thru paper is a start.
Fire a group of three fletched arrows and at least ONE bareshaft at 20 yards.

Take a photo.

If you can do this at 20 yards, ignore the cam lean.
If you do not get this result, then you have some work to do with the Top Hats.
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