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max cam vs. mini max cam

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ok i have a conquest 3 with the max cam on it. i have a 27" draw. so my question is if i go to the mini max cam will it be any faster than my max cam?
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I had the C4. It had the Mini-max on it and I really liked it. I had a chance to buy the Max cam ,top wheel and strings for a reasonable price here on A.T. I put them on my C4 and the Max cam felt like it a mush'eee wall and I lost speed. Went right back to the Mini-max cam quick. There is a 5# difference in your bow weight when you go down to a Mini-Max. I am pretty sure if your bow is a 70# with Max, it will be 65# with the Mini. Go Mimi-max, but you will have to change out top wheel and cables to.

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yeah i knew i would have to change. im thinking about upgrading to the conquest 4 so i was gonna go minimax if i could pick up some speed. i have it shooting 281 fps now at 27.5" draw and 62 pounds and a 315 grain arrow
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