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I have to disagree with your assessment of how long your hunting arrows should be. I trust that the bow hunter is not SO stupid, that they'll somehow (and I have no idea how this can be done) put their hand in front of the bow and hit it with an arrow/broadhead! I believe that the most important thing is to have a well tuned arrow/bow, so you get the best results between field points and broadheads. To me, that usually means the shorter the arrow the bett

PS. My draw is 27.5 and my arrow length is 25.75.
It seems that everytime I go to the classified looking for arrows ALL I can find are CROSSBOW BOLTS, I shoot a 28" draw and I don't want my target arrows less than 28". My Hunting arrows have to be at least 28.5" or 29". I only shoot REAL broadheads not the ones that MIGHT open on contact.
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