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Mechanicals tough enough for moose?

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I scored an archery moose tag for this coming fall. The last time I got this particular permit was in the 90’s and prior to the mechanicals of today. Are the newest mechanicals robust enough to stand up an animal as large as a moose, with much heavier ribs than deer or elk. Last time I was successful using old tried and true Zwickey broadheads that passed thru the chest and impacted and broke a rib on the far side of the chest. He piled up about 75 yards from where he was first hit. I’m curious as to people’s thoughts.
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If you question it....why risk it?

Confidence in your gear goes a long way. If I was in your shoes, I would spend good money on some quality fixed heads (VPA/ Cutthroat) for an animal like that.

Ya might not want to drop that cash on whitetails but it may be worth it in this case.

I've shot a lot of mechanical heads with no significant failures so I'm not a mech hater at all.
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Fixed heads fail
Slick trick razor the coc tip hit bone shoulder and bent over a deflected putting a 2 foot cut down the side.
Thats not a fail. Thats a crappy shot.
Still a fail , is the BH supposed to bend over, is the BH designed to bend? So even if hit shoulder the BH wasn't designed to bend but it did so, it did fail. If anything happens that not supposed to it failed then correct?

Also how many ppl including yourself hit the shoulder? Did that BH fail, bend, and results in dead animal? I know I've shot Exodus thru shoulders , IW thru shoulders, a sevr thru also and no fails.
Crappy shot.
broadhead fail.
You have 100 or 125 grains of material to work with (with 99% of heads) and a 7/8" cutting diameter requirement.

Now look at the density of the shoulder joint in a deer. Do you really expect any head to strike that bone and not bend, break, or deflect unless you are shooting a overbuilt tool steel head?

Take the limitations of our gear into perspective and establish realistic expectations.
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