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Mechanicals tough enough for moose?

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I scored an archery moose tag for this coming fall. The last time I got this particular permit was in the 90’s and prior to the mechanicals of today. Are the newest mechanicals robust enough to stand up an animal as large as a moose, with much heavier ribs than deer or elk. Last time I was successful using old tried and true Zwickey broadheads that passed thru the chest and impacted and broke a rib on the far side of the chest. He piled up about 75 yards from where he was first hit. I’m curious as to people’s thoughts.
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Of course you could kill a moose with one. It is beyond me why in the world you want to use one. Being unable to get into close quarters seems rare with moose hunting so I really don't understand why you would risk it. Plenty of mechanicals are extremely tough, yet they all take a lot of pressure to push, and deploy blades compared to COCs. If I was going to spend the coin on a moose hunt, I would be using the best fixed blade money could buy. That would include, Iron Will, Day Six, or Valkyrie. If for some reason I just had to use a mechanical it would be the one from Evolution Outdoors with the steel ferrule.
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Glad you would not use a mechanical since you said the evolution outdoor ones suck so I agree with you , YOU should not use a mechanical head
Might seem that way, I've used the original Dead Meat, Thorn, and Sevr with great results. I'm an adult and can see the obvious difference between fixed, and a mech, and when is appropriate to use either.
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