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MI Opening Weekend Success

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Was able to get an arrow in a unique MI 11 pt. this morning. 28-yard shot, double-lunged him and he only went 20 yards before expiring in sight. Not that I had to blood trail him, but trying VPA 3-blades this year (testing for an elk trip next year), the results were impressive. Actually the whole Levitate, Axis LR, Ethics, and VPA package performed flawlessly.

After skinning him up, I found an injury to his left rear leg, which is probably why his right side is so cool.

Now gearing up for my rut hunt in IL. Good luck to all!

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Well done. Congratulations. I believe you pasts your test and are ready for your elk hunt.

Before taking pictures of your quarry, try to wipe the blood off. Your pictures are great and you can have them published. Notice that magazines story seldom show blood.
I usually do. Was taking these solo, and tried getting his tongue back in his mouth like 15 times, and he died in a pool of his own blood. It was literally a blood bath, haha. This was the picture that came out best, except for the blood/tongue part.

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Awesome buck man.. I love the character points, congrats!
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