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Millennium Lockon M 100

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Has anyone had any issues with their Mellennium lockon stand. Let me tell you my story. I just bought a M 100 stand a week before seaon opened here in MS. A couple of days before season opened, I was taking it into the woods ( on the back rack of my ATV) to hang on a tree, and I hung the seat part on a tree while riding thru the woods. I know that it was my stupidity for hitting a tree with it, but it did not hit very hard. When I went to get the stand off the ATV, I noticed that the seat was bent about 3" to 4" to one side, and there was a crack in the aluminium bar next to the hinge on the back of the seat. I tried to bend the seat back to the correct position, and the other side broke. Again, I know that it was not designed to be hit on a tree, but I have had a Old Man climber for about 13 or 14 yrs and that thing has hit everything under the sun and aside from scratches, it is fine. Don't get me wrong, I love the comfort and the ease of use with the Mellennium lockon, but I was very surprised and how easy it was to break it. Anyone else seen anything like this ?
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