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Minnesota 10 day archery deer update.

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The last ten days has created some interesting challenges, but overall there are deer to be found if one works on it. The season opened with cooler the normal temps and the deer movment was fairly good. Two bachelor groups containing a couple of possiblities for harvest, several groups of doe with multiple fawns in tow, and a few single doe as well.
Then we had a full moon period and movment was mainly after or before shooting hours, but some late comers and goers did pass the stand. The temps are back to normal or above and that is keeping movment to a minumum, yet hunting watering holes near bedding areas has produced a look at a couple more young bucks.
The last two days have been real good as far as movment and deer sightings, with a real nice buck 5X4 making an appearance at 40+ yds, but my limit with the rcurve is within 20 yds.........oh well some good video was had and he went through without incident.
Last night a 3 legged doe came in with two fawns and that old girl was really weary, the stump looked like a birth deffect not a hunting was fully covered with skin and hair and she was very healthy (estimate wieght 120+) and she had 2 healthy fawns.

Here are a couple of pictures of the fawns, I could not get the doe........she was too jumpy to even think about it. With one tag for the season I will be very picky about taking an animal and may just wait till late season. Getting really good video footage though and that always makes it easier to pass on a few shots that may have tempted me.:wink:

Good hunting to all.

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