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Missing persons...maybe we can help.

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We should be aware of the fact that as hunters we are quite often the discoverer of human remains out in the wild as we walk the areas where perpetrators often dump their victims. I believe we could discover unusual items out there that are "out of place" so to speak, as well as human remains, more frequently than we do and serve our fellow man in this way. Clothing or bones one can't identify should be reported to the police immediately.

Let us post missing persons and the areas they were last seen here then keep our eyes peeled.

I heard a news story this past winter about 39 yr. old Mary Denise Lands. Mary went missing from the area of Walden Ponds Apartments in the Marshall Michigan area March 12, 2004. She was last see wearing blue scrubs. This is a link to the MI State Police Missing persons sight and the page devoted to Mary Lands.,1607,7-123...6405--,00.html
P.S. I had posted this in the Campfire but thought it would be seen by the right readers more here.
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Sticky this?:confused: It all seems like common sense to me. I don't go into the woods looking for anything but Ol' Mossy Horns, but if I see human remains while I am hunting I am not going to dig them up and try CPR.:pukey:
Hoyt Hunter said:
you wouldnt find me in the woods where I found human remains kidding, you might find a whole trail of something else human though all the way back to my truck.
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