Mission Sub 1 Lite....used but in excellent condition. Strings are pretty new PLUS you will get a new set made by GAS. Bow will come with bumpers on front. Bow was used for target only. Bow will be bare bow only PLUS the orange guide behind the Benchmark housing if you ever choose to buy the RSD crank for the bow...yes, I do have one and if you want it that will increase the price by $130....as it is used but in very good condition. The scope and the HHA mount are not included but can be if you want to add in another $1200.....yes that is a very expensive VX6 1x6x24 firedot on it right now. And, no....the balance weights do not come with it either but can for another $20....and yes....I do have the sling mount pictured in the accessory photo in a little pouch PLUS it does come with the accessory rail which is included in the price as well. The bow will come in the original box shipped insured via FedEx ground to your door PLUS it will be in the soft case it came with along with the instruction manual and a Mission sticker....that has to be worth something right??? Plus....I made a de-safety arrow if you accidentally ever put it on safe you can just use this to de-safety the system...it is the one without the fletching in the picture with all of the accessories. PLUS, there is a rope cocker and new level included. The bow has never been dry fired and has been hung in the closet or put on the Mission stand which will not come with it. This price stand as it is used and in excellent condition. Either a Paypal, money order or a cashiers check will be fine.