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Mission x3 owners opinions

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Just curious what some opinions are on the mission x3 They seem to be practically giving them away on ebay. I would think being a Mathews product they would be a decent bow. A buddy of mine said he would sell me his for 250.00$ with a stabalizer and a drop away rest. Any opinions on this bow would be appreciated.
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I purchased one for my dad last year. He has had two shoulder surgeries and was having trouble drawing his HCA with a MX1 cam. I was originally going to buy him a DXT because of how smooth the draw was, but was talked into giving the X3 a go by my shop owner. The X3 was just as smooth on the draw as the DXT was, a little more hand shock than the DXT and a touch slower, but just as quiet. Looking at the difference in the price tags and knowing that both bows were a huge step up for my dad, I chose the X3. He thanks me every time he shoots it.
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