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Moa + archery

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Yesterday there was a question about archery moa and after thinking a little more about it here are my thoughts. See if you agree.
If you are just starting out I would say 3" at 20 is pretty good but strive for that 2" group, 31/2 at 30 works but tighter is better. If you are going to hunt then strive for the tightest groupings you can get,when your groups open up it is time to stop moving back and limit your shots to where you get your best groups. Archery hunting is supposed to be an up close endeaver, so try and limit your shots to your known ability.
Personaly I stay with in 22 yards when in the woods that is where I open up the most, but I shot traditional 50lbs @ 29 recurve with 550 gr.arrows, no sights no rest, no release aides. I do have a compound with the high let off and sure I shoot it better I just choose to hunt with a little harder system and closer ranges(i am not knocking anyones choices)
As far as the statement made about rifles only shooting 6-8 moa I won't get into that this is an archery site and that is where we should stay.