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:wink:parts Center Inc located in Bearden, Ar got our Monster in today! Just got finished setting it up and anyone who is close is more than welcome to come try this new bow out!! All I can say is wow about this bow!!!!!!!!! I have shot basically everything out there and there really is no comparison to other bows that are close to this in speed.(Do alot of shooting since I own the shop). I have a Reezen 6.5 that Crackers got 335 out of and this monster shoots alot harder than the Reezen does!! Bow is a little top heavy but when you draw it back it holds as well as my 41" ATA Conquest 4 does! I have absolutely no complaints with the bow!! The bow is absolutely dead in hand after the shot and believe me when I say it is dead quiet!!!!!!! Great job Mathews!!!!!!!

Our number is 870-687-2252
Ask for Burk
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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