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Monster in central missouri

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Just shot the monster last night after reading so many reviews of it from members on here Ide thought I would give my opinion of it.

I first expected a HARD draw cycle (I was wrong it was IMO no harder then a bowtec.

After reading alot of other reviews I had expected the bow to want to "creep" ( I was also wrong about that IMO the bow locked on to the firm wall.

The bow did feel somewhat heavy to me but I shoot a DLD and the monster was loaded with a downforce, viper sight, posten 12'" stabilizer.

I shot the bow very well even with the 6" brace height in fact I robinhooded an arrow the 3rd time I shot it. Have pictures of the set up and the robinhood will post later.

But for everyone still wondering about the bow my advise is becarefull what you read about it on this website If your in central missouri take a trip to sedalia and go see John @ Treestand archery and shoot one for yourself.

Oh yea the speed we got with it was
60#, 28" DL, 300 grain arrow 328
" 27" " " " " 317
" 28" " 340 " " 309
Out of the box no tinkering or tuning
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Monster AA+++

Sweet. The Moster is a real shooter. Like you said. Shoot one yourself to see how fast this bow is with very little shock.

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