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I think you mean STS. They are awesome.

Do a search on STS and you will get about a million topics on it!


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cougaruser said:
I read about everybody talking about how good an sms is on bows but what exactly is one anyway.
The STS is a "string dampener" or "string stopper".

It's a rod that holds a rubber stopper on the end.
It can be a front stabilizer hole mounted model.
It can be a rear stabilizer hole mounted model.

A single rod model is available
and a double rod model is available.

You need to adjust the gap between
the rubber stopper and the string.

The gap will be very very small.

When adjusted correctly,
the results can be quite amazing.

If you use the "search" function at the top of the page,
and type in "STS", you will see many fans of the STS
and other similar products.
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