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I really could use some help.

I am currently shooting:

Bow: 1999 Matthews Featherlight 70#
Draw: 30"
Arrow: Carbon express Terminator Hunter 6075, 4" factory 3 vanes
Arrow Length: 31"
Broadhead: 100GR. Thunderhead, 3 blades
Rest: Prong style, black fuzzy coverings (Fixed position)

Right now I can shoot a group of 4 arrows (field tip) into a baseball size target at 20 yards, but when I put on my broadheads, they tend to scatter more. I experimented turning the broadheads to line up with the fletching, still not that great.

Options are should I shorten my arrows as well as my Draw to decrease the spine?(I could decrease it up to an inch)

Go to mechanical broadheads (less air disturbance?) and which ones (I heard good things about grim reaper)?

Is there a broadhead that offers a close practice head as well, I don't think I will no longer practice with field points because of this situation.

Should I replace my vanes, and with which ones?

I don't want to spend too much, because I am definitly getting a new bow and setup next year. But I do have a whole season in front of me with my old setup, and need to make it work. I have done some research, but some of the best answers come from the guys and gals in the field. BTW accuracy is the most important factor for me in the woods.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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First and foremost make sure you are shooting the correct draw length. You said that you could decrease your draw by an inch. you don't want to have too short of a draw. Stick with a fixed 3 blade broadhead. I would recommend the montecs, strikers, or muzzys, and if you can find some slick tricks everybody is saying those are the best right now. The montecs will shoot true to your field pts.
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