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Most forgiving bow

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I know Martin says it has the most arcurate and Mathews has the most wins and Hoyt has the best cam. But who has the most forgiving bow. We are not all hooter shooters so I think a forgiving bow is the most important thing when buying a bow. What do you think??
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I think that some bows do actually let you by with more than others which may mean one is more forgiving than the other. I know that for me I will be shooting my Darton Rampage at lets say 40 yards for instance,I will say ooops everyonce in a while due to a bad release or follow through and its amazing how that arrow funnels down into the group. I know that if I had made the same mistake with my Maverick that same arrow would have been an inch or 3 left or right. This may sound a little confusing but I think most of you know what Im talking about. Just my own observations!!
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