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I bought 2 gamespy 100s 2.1 on eBay for $199.00 free S&H. I already have a gamespy 200 3.1 presently deployed. I've had good luck with the 200 so I decided to give these a try. I thought I'd better compare the 100s side by side to see just how they measured up against each other. I first put freshly charged moultrie batteries in. That's one of the secrets to success. I mounted them on a light pole 3 feet above the ground. I first noticed the one on top was faster than the lower so I moved the lower one on top then it was faster. I also noticed that even the slightest horizontal difference between the two cameras would produce a different trigger time so I aligned the two as close as I could. I was very surprised to see just how much difference the slightest vertical and horizontal variation could make. The range of these 100s is very good even with the high temps we are experiencing they both trigger at over 20". I learned a lot by comparing the two like that. I've concluded the only difference between the 100 and 200 is features and mega-pixels not performance. I've noticed that it helps a lot to throw some corn meal and salt on the ground in front of the cam it will stop the game to inspect the area it will also bring them back. It doesn't take much. CHEERS
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