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Mpro cam adjustment (help please)

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Ive heard several times that there should be 3/8 to 1/2" of the groove on the cam showing on the Mpro. Mine has MAYBE 1/4" showing , how do I go about to rotate the cam so the groove is longer, and what is the benefit going to be? By the way this is on a Rytera bullet x, really its a vipro cam but its the same as a mpro. Thanks any advice would be appreciated.
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If the cam is gunmetal colored and does not have a draw stop, the cam groove should be showing 1/10th in.this I am positive about.
If the cam is black and has a draw stop I recall the cam groove should be showing 3/4 in.
I believe you will find some pictures and details in the tuning section.Just use the search.
If you put twist in the cable it will make the cam groove gap close up and will also add weght.
If you have nearly all the twist out and you still need more gap showing you will need to get a longer cable built.
The cam will shoot well over a wide range of adjustment.If you want the most eficiency and best let off get it to spec.
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