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MSU Fall Classic in the books

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Last weekend was the annual Michigan State Fall Classic Fita.

Just wanted to give a shout out to the S.A.M Organization , and the people from the MSU Archery Team for doing an outstanding job once again!

Darrin Foggy , Myself , Vince and Joan , Diane Johnson and her husband along with countless others who were involved in a very fun ,,,maybe we had to much fun,(NOT:wink:),,,event!

All the JOAD kids , Long bowmen , 60+ Sr class were a sight to see!

Along with the Rugby,,, State against Purdue,,,,, that is a Mans sport let me tell ya:confused:! (they kept us entertained between ends)

Any of you that ever have the time on the First weekend in September there isn't a home MSU football game ,,, I suggest you come join us next year! we had a blast once again!


ONE , you missed a real good butt woopin!
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You said it, Shorty. A good time was had by all. Eh, make that a GREAT time. Thanks MSU Archery and S.A.M. You guys put on a heck of a shoot. Can't wait til next year. We should be shooting in the new MSU Archery Shooting facility. Congrats to Short-N-Fast! He was the winner. Dude shot VERY well. Myself and Vinny aka Kent Arms couldn't catch him for nothing. I tell ya', there might be something to that practicing thing. ;) Next year hope to see/meet more AT'ers. Thanks again Shorty and Vinny for the great weekend.
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