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When you mention Muck Boots you are saying quality and comfort. I received the Woody Elite’s and put them on and could quickly feel the comfort. I had previously been using another brand more than half the price and could already feel a major difference. I was also in the process of field testing another leading rubber hunting boot and although it to was nice the Muck stood out in immediate comfort.
According to Muck they built the Elite from their previous most popular boot, the Woody Max™. One of features that I was interested in at first was the scent-masking Inscentable™ which obviously will improve your concealment. Then I noticed on the bottom of the Elite’s the new rugged MS-1 molded rubber outsole which in my tests had great added traction and comfort beyond the other brands I have tried or used. Some of the many other features which adds to the “Elite” name are, they are 100% waterproof from top to bottom. To help with the scent-masking Woody uses anti-microbial treatment that prevents bacteria and mildew from growing and producing odors.
Once I pulled the 17” tall boots up and began walking around I noticed not only immediate comfort in the bottom but also with the stretch-fit topline that allows for helping hold scent and warmth in. Never cutting circulation off or allowing discomfort when walking through the woods. With the durable rubber outsole and toe protection this boot provided me protection against sticks and other items from puncturing my boot and also provided me stability when I needed it. Muck also has a Breathable Airmesh™ lining allowing your feet to breathe yet keep them warm and dry. These boots are advertised to keep your feet comfortable in temperatures ranging from -40 to +60 degrees Fahrenheit. I personally used them in a hunt that started out at 18 degrees and never got above 25 and my feet were comfortable and warm all day. Then when I went to take them off I was impressed by the kick rim that I could use to pull them off allowing for hands free operation. Last but not least the Mossy Oak Break Up camo that goes from top to bottom to add to your concealment while in the woods.
I have found the Woody Elite to be an awesome boot for using in the woods for overall comfort, style, support and traction. What more can you ask for?
For more on the Woody Elite or any other of the Muck Boots visit them at:
Review written by: Gary Elliott​
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