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Mule Deer in Nebraska??

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I am thinking of hunting a 1000 acre ranch in Nebraska next year for Mule Deer. The owner tells me that most archers who have been there walk around too much and soon have deer spooked off the 1000 acres. I will be the only one bowhunting this acreage. Is it possible to stand/blind hunt Mule Deer? If I spot and stalk what should my approach be. Any advice or suggestion would be appreciated as Mule Deer hunting will be something new to me. THanks in advance!!
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Pattern them and let them come to you, find their main source of water, then follow the trails they use to their main source of food, and keep an eye out for bedding areas generally between the 2.

Have a trail cam at both food and water with the time stamp on so you know the time they arrive at each, then you can cut them off and ambush them on their trail when they are on their way to one or the other.

you could also use a ground blind at their food/water source but some would consider that un ethcal because if you camp their water they have to come in to you sooner or later or find a new source which (out here atleast) isnt all that easy.

but there are plenty of hunts on video like the primos bow hunting truth video where they found them bedded in a field by glassing it, then just move really slow (like 2 hours to move 100 yards slow) to get in range.
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