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Mulie hunt pics

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Well we spent last week trying to chase mulies out in western Nebraska and we pretty much sucked at it...Weather was stupid hot and the deer just wouldnt move. I passed a nice "young" 3x3 in full velvet and 3 other bucks the 1st day and regreted it after that...I was holding out for atleast a 4x4 but never even put the glasses on one. I hunted the same area last year and saw alot of deer, this year it sucked...Hunters everywhere, hot weather, more ATV's than the local motocross track, all that equals no deer for J-Daddy. But here's a few pictures from a junky little digital I had in my pack during the week.

Well there were more than that, for some reason I think Photbucket ate them or something.
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I might go back out later on in Oct. or late Nov. "after rifle season"....Kinda depends on my amount of freetime and the whitetail hunting here in Iowa. Might be heading to northern Wyoming for a week with a Dr. freind of mine to work on a building he has out there too...If I have time I'd like to go back out though.
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