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my 12 year olds perspective....

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My son just finished his hunter safety course this weekned so we celebrated by watching some of the shows we have scheduled to record.

Relentless Pursuits came on. First deer in the femoral artery. Second deer in the spine. Third deer femoral artery. After the third misplaced shot he looked at me and said, "Dad, we've got to turn this off."

Now, I will still watch the show because i like hunting and enjoy seeing different approaches but i might be watching alone....:cry:

Not sure if I am proud or sad! :wink:

:thumb: for my new "hunter safety card carrying" hunting buddy
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Congrats to your boy on passing hunters ed.

Just got to tell him, bad shots do happen and everyone in their hunting career will probably experience one.

If anything, he is learning from these shows what shots to not take and if anything, it will make him a better hunter.

Wish him all the success this fall in the Michigan deer woods! Sounds like you got a great hunting partner for life!
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