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I decided to get back in to archery after almost 16 yrs and decided to see what my daughter thought of it so that we might do some 3-D shoots and hunt together when she gets a bit older.

Her first bow was a cheap Bear that I couldn't even get a consistent group out of but I wanted to see if she was interested before buying something nicer.

After a few weeks she seemed interested enough so I bought her a Diamond Nuclear Ice. I started her at about 10lbs for a pull weight and without telling her I've increased it to about 12lbs over the last few weeks.

She's doing very well and I'm curious as to whether anyone else is using this bow for their kids and how they have it set up. I have a Whisker Bisquit and a PSE sight from my Stinger on hers now but when her skills increase I'm wondering if the bow will perform better with a drop away such as the Ripcords and also what sight might be better for 10 yards, which is what she is shooting from now.

Here's a couple video's. The first one is the 2nd day shooting the bow from 10 yards and the 2nd is also 10 yards after a few weeks of her shooting the bow.

After a few weeks:

If your wondering why I have her wearing a eye shade, it's because she is right handed but left eye dominate. This helped her right away as she would'nt stop leaning her head over to use her left eye. I tried to see if she liked the left handed bow but she didn't have the dexterity for it.
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