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Just talked to John at John's Custom Strings. He has been working on my 08 Dream Season. When he got my bow, it was shooting 317 at 62#, 30.75 DL with a 357 grain arrow (respectable speeds) with a set of custom strings on it. Well after John put his strings and his VOODOO on it:teeth: it he tuned it to 30.5 DL, and it shot the same arrow at 326, 326, and 327, and it is stacking arrows. Working backwards to IBO specs by my calculations, that is around 340 with a loop and peep on the string. Awesome for a bow with a 7 inch BH at #62. I will post pics as soon as it gets back. Blue and white with red serving. Thanks John. To any ATers needing strings and a good tune, talk to John. He is the REAL DEAL.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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