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My Boss Blew Up My Bow!!!

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Took my bow into work this morning to sell to a guy.He drew it back a couple of times,liked it and we were talking price when the boss picked it up drew it back and BLAM!This is the good part:As I,m picking it up off the floor the boss says "huh,the damn string broke".Well it did break the string and blew the cam bushings out of the top cam.So,my $300 deal is now worth a plug nickel.Lesson learned.NOBODY,I MEAN NOBODY!!!!!!!!!Is allowed to draw my bow ever again without an arrow on it.I'm really pi$$ed right now,but I know it's my fault for letting it happen.So watch out for "breaking strings" fellas!!:cry:
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What did he do wrong?

Did he let go of the string and dry fire it?
If the string just broke while he was holding it drawn back it doesn't seem like his fault.
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