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My Boss Blew Up My Bow!!!

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Took my bow into work this morning to sell to a guy.He drew it back a couple of times,liked it and we were talking price when the boss picked it up drew it back and BLAM!This is the good part:As I,m picking it up off the floor the boss says "huh,the damn string broke".Well it did break the string and blew the cam bushings out of the top cam.So,my $300 deal is now worth a plug nickel.Lesson learned.NOBODY,I MEAN NOBODY!!!!!!!!!Is allowed to draw my bow ever again without an arrow on it.I'm really pi$$ed right now,but I know it's my fault for letting it happen.So watch out for "breaking strings" fellas!!:cry:
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Then people wonder why I stop them everytime they start drawing back my bow without an arrow.
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