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It's been some time now my shooting was going downhill.
I've checked and rechecked my form, improved some areas but still no good.

Then I decided to shoot a bareshaft, and the shaft (CT Whitetails) indicated weak spine, although by charts/programs (and in the past) it had a correct spine.
Anyhow, I shortened both the shaft and arrows by 1", reduced tip weight from 100g to 80g, and the bareshaft and arrows behaviour improved, but still indicating weak.

I had a damaged Eston Epic shaft (of the full carbon kind) I was able to shorten by 1" and compared this shaft to the Whitetail. With 80g it behaved stiff, with 100g it was OK and I suppose I have to go to 125g for it to behave like the Whitetail (hitting the target to the right, nock side to left at some 30 deg angle) .
The behaviour of both shafts is repetitive.

Today I shot some GT UL 22 4" longer than the Whitetails and 125g tips (just a bit stiff according to OnTarget II) and for every shot I missed I knew why, not so with the Whitetails.
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