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my dad is finaly interested in archery....

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i just got my dad to finaly consider getting into archery, and he is pretty interested in doing it now.
my question is, is a martin jaguar magnum fuzion bow good for him, who has never picked up a bow before?
if not, what one?
thankx a lot
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That is one great thing about archery. Age is not a factor. My father just got back from an Oregon hunting trip. He is now 80. It is also interesting that women like Katie Smith ( 98 pounds ) could shoot as well as any man and did well at hunting. Hope your dad has a great time with the sport

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My son and I have enjoyed archery together since 1976, we always have something to talk about, great thing, it has made me feel really good that he has taken to it and has surpassed anything I have ever done, its great to say the least. Nice goin archery1 and good luck to Dad.
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