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Sorry for taking so long to add the "story". I have been running around like crazy!

The place that we hunt is about a mile up the road. It's got corn on it this year and has ditches and a few watering spots. My buddy has permission to hunt the land and has 8 man made stands (very, very sturdy!) in various locations.

We went out to the property on Sunday evening around 5:00pm or so. This particular stand is right on the property line. Out in front of me is the corn field and behind me is a thick finger that's about 1 mile deep. I had hunted from this stand before and new my lanes and yardages before I had even climbed up there.

Unfortunately, when we first got to the stands in the back of the property there were already deer out in the field. So I thought b/c we spooked the deer, the night might have been ruined. It was getting late and I was just enjoying the evening when I heard the crack of a stick. I looked down to my left (which was looking right down on the fence) and there he was. He was like a ghost and come out of nowhwere. My hearted started to race like none other!! I waited until his head was behind a tree limb, then stood up and grabbed my bow. He took a few more paces out (he was only at 15 yards) and was right in a perfect lane. I decided to take the shot and drew back. I was so nervous and don't remember much but I do remember looking at my level, trying to concentrate, and just telling my self to relax. I let the shot go. The arrow clipped a little limb and ended up going under the deer! I couldn't believe it. =(

The deer ended up just trotting a few paces out further into the field. He never really even knew what had happened. I was shaking so bad at this point, but I nocked another arrow and drew back again. He was facing away just a bit w/ his butt almost towards me. I bleeped one bleep while drawn back. He looked back and I fired. It was dark out so I didn't see the flight of the arrow that well, but I saw the deer buck up and run. He ended up running about 100 yrds (into the thick stuff of course!). My buddy and I tracked up down and brought him out into the field. By the way, the time of my kill shoot was 7:05pm.

The wonderful part, besides taking the deer, is that my buddy was filming me from his stand. He could see my shoot, but due to the low light and the angle, he couldn't see the deer come out. He did however get my reaction after I climbed out of the stand. The whole experience was simply AWESOME!! =)
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