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My first FITA 1440

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This weekend i shoot my first FITA 1440 her in Sweden.
It was very fun.

90 m 324p this i'am happy with,never shoot 90m before this,good weather to,no wind at all.

70m 316p very poor shooting here,very dissatisfied with score,but rain and very much wind,my PB at 70m is 351p long way from that ;)

50m 327p poor,but still wind and rain and some sun at the end.

30m 354p very good weather sun and no wind at all,at this moment i was very tired,no focus at all.

Very happy with my score at 1321p.but still long way to Clint Freeman´s score ;) but my first FITA 1440 happy but 1360 is no problem i think for next year better at 70 and 50 then i'am there ;).
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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