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Skip- Do you know him? Well he is one of the truly great people of Archery. You ask me what makes him so great, I'll tell you.
For one, what you see is what you get, straight and honest. He always thinks of others before himself. If you need something he's right their for you. Now don't get me wrong, if you put your wrong foot forward he will also be the first one to shove it where the sun don't shine. LOL
Skip I'm proud to say is one of my best friends and I've never met the man face to face, but many hours on top of hours on the phone. Skip also is a thinker when it comes to archery. What makes it work and can I make it better is his way.
I live here in So. CA and thought I had a job that would put me closer to Skip in PA but alas I think that gone sour. Darn Skip I will just have get their some other way.
Like I said at the top. SKIP PECOR is great person for the sport of ARCHERY.

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