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Hey Guys,

I posted my first post in AT, looking for help getting an old Hoyt setup for hunting season. As I said earlier, I am new to bow hunting, but I've been hunting with rifle and shotgun for a while. (Mostly small game hunting).

Well, I wasnt even able to ID my bow, as it was a pre 1998 Hoyt, but with some guys here I was able to get it going. I just picked up my bow from the pro-shop, and for under $225 total investment, I am up and running with the following:

Hoyt SuperSlam with Excel Limbs and Master Cams
TruGlow 3 Pin Sight
Wisker Biscuit Rest
1/4" Peep Sight
Kisser Button
Sting Loop
Cobra Mech Release
Kwiki Quiver
6 Carbon Rebel Arrows
Wasp Boss Broadheads

I'm excited to get this thing out to the range for a little work. With any luck and confidence, I might actually make it out for NJ Permit Bow in October... If not, then hopefully winter bow in January.

I know everyone likes pics, so I put a few up here to gander at my prehistoric bow...

Thanks for the help, and I'll be sure to post a range report after I get it out.

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...hope you `ve changed the strings when the bow is 10 years old!

And good luck!!!!!!!
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