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I had a great time hunting this year even though my tag remained unfilled. My greatest frustration was the first week of the hunt when a hunter was standing in the trail at the bottom of my treestand. He promised to hunt away from me and wandered off. A few minutes later I hear him hacking limbs off of trees about fifty yards behind me on the same trail I am hunting. He put up his self climber so I left. With him there on the trail the elk I had scouted for a little over a month would never make it too me. I decided to hunt on the edge of the meadow where the trail begins. About the time I get there I see elk. I set up and wait for them. A three point bull has about fifty more yards to go and I will have a twenty yard shot the second he turns the corner. I am kneeling down getting ready to pull back my recurve when the elk thunder off. About that time I hear, "Dad! Dad!! I shot one and he is dead." It turned out to be a twenty something girl that shot my elk about tirty to forty yards from me. I was truly happy and excited that she shot an elk. It was her first elk and she was so excited. I helped her find her elk and then hiked her in to her dad and left. I mean it when I say that I was really excited for her. I still don't like what her dad did. He placed her stand on one side of the trail and him on the opposite end with me in the middle. I don't understand why someone would do that. We hunt in an area that is wilderness. A person could walk for three days straight and not get to the middle of our unit. I am trying to get over it though. The worst part is that they shot compounds.

I was into elk the rest of the time which was fun. I was left with an unfilled tag but I had a blast. There were times when I got discouraged and wanted to hire a guide to call for me somewhere in the middle of New Mexico or Colorado, but I just olove this stuff so I won't give up yet.

Thanks for all of the great posts and advice.

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